Scheduled release date:
July 16, 2013
NIS America
Image Epoch
Number Of Players:
Release Date:
July 16, 2013

JRPG fans can always count on NIS America. In the days when “genre confusion” is a very real and very frustrating reality, old-school followers of the niche genre must be selective. Thankfully, NIS and a variety of Japanese developers, such as Gust, Level-5 and Image Epoch, continue to cater to that crowd. A great example of that would be the upcoming Time and Eternity , which features beautiful hand-drawn artistry and a surprisingly unique theme. The gameplay will be a blend of traditional and real-time role-playing elements, and the adventure should prove to be awfully entertaining.

At the start, you are about to get married. That may be an odd beginning but intense drama is right around the corner… Before Toki, the flame-haired fiancé, can say “I do,” a mysterious group of assassins crash the wedding and attempt to take her down. At that moment, Toki turns into a blonde killing machine who eliminates the attackers without breaking a sweat. Thus begins a strange but hopefully engrossing quest where you control Toki and Towa, the two “dual souls” of the former bride. The man who was to be her husband finds himself inside Toki/Towa’s pet dragon, Drake. So yeah, there’s some weirdness going on, but that’s to be expected.