Scheduled release date:
July 16, 2013
Tecmo Koei
Omega Force
Number Of Players:
Release Date:
July 16, 2013

Yes, they’re doing another Dynasty Warriors . No, it probably won’t be that much different from previous entries in the enduring franchise. However, fans of the series can expect a ton of characters, upgraded visuals, and a few appreciated tweaks to the combat mechanic. Dynasty Warriors 8 was released on February 28 in Japan and will be coming to North America and Europe for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in mid-July. The good news is that, much like many recent releases, it’ll be available in both digital and physical format.

The latest series entry boasts no fewer than 70 characters and although they’re reusing the same engine from Dynasty Warriors 7 , developer Omega Force is placing on emphasis on extra content and longevity for DW8. Once again, the many factions in a fantastical version of feudal China are at war and at the outset of battle, you’ll have to pick a side. The designers have, however, instituted a new story mode for “Other” faction, so that might hint at some player customization. Does that mean we can make our own faction…? Anyway, each stage in the Story Mode will be bigger and longer, so freedom of movement will definitely be a highlight.

Another new feature is the “what if” stage, which lets you change the events and ultimately, the results, of the stage based on your decisions. This is a nod to this past generation’s common trend of giving the player important choices that will impact the outcome of an adventure. Furthermore, as you’ll most likely want to play with a friend, you can experience the lengthy and in-depth Story Mode in classic cooperative fashion, both online and offline. This is another nice little upgrade as this option wasn’t available in DW7. In addition to the Story, Free Mode returns after being notably absent in DW7, which further enhances this game’s appeal.