Scheduled release date:
April 23, 2013

Zombies are just so hip these days. In truth, zombies have always been a cornerstone of the video game industry (as bizarre as that sounds), but the shambling undead have really surged to the forefront of popularity this generation. Dead Island was only one title with an emphasis on the iconic enemy; Dead Nation , Dead Rising , The Walking Dead , multiple Resident Evil titles, the uber-popular zombie multiplayer mode in Call of Duty , etc, etc, etc. And Dead Island Riptide is yet another zombie apocalypse. You ready?

Developer Techland plans to make this new title bigger and better in just about every possible way. That’s exactly what we want from a sequel, right? Well, for the record, they’re calling this more of an expansion than a sequel; you can import your save from the first title so you can use your leveled-up characters at the start of Riptide . And the tropical setting has returned, even though you’ll be on a different island called Palanai (before you were on Banoi). Once again, enhancing combat skills and crafting new weapons with which to battle the undead horde will take center-stage.