Scheduled release date:
September 12, 2012
2K Games
Gearbox Software
Number Of Players:
Release Date:
September 18, 2012

Here’s what you typically want from sequels, especially in the shooter genre: Bigger, better, flashier, and in this case, “96.5% more Wub Wub.” Admittedly, I wasn’t overly impressed with Borderlands , but based on everything I’ve seen and heard concerning the sequel, I have to say…Gearbox is doing just about everything right this time around. Or so it seems, at least. With a longer and more robust campaign, more challenging and more dynamic enemies, more character classes, a more sophisticated combat mechanic…it’s just more, more, more !

Perhaps one of the most attractive upgrades involves the overhauling of the enemy AI. The creatures are going to exhibit different attack patterns and you’ll have to constantly adapt and assimilate to emerge victorious. Plus, with the gigantic arsenal and inventory you may have at your disposal, you’ll be looking at one of the deepest and most fulfilling shooter experiences yet. To add even more fun, just bring in a friend or two and see if you can nail down a few all-important phaselocks. Only the Siren has this skill; it holds a foe in midair so you can happily and calmly annihilate it.

That’s just one example of the many class-specific abilities that will be on display in this highly anticipated sequel. You’ll earn those skills and upgrades by leveling up and gathering skill points; the recognizable skill trees will allow you to customize your character’s development. You can either focus on a few powerful abilities or you can be more of a jack-of-all-trades. Me, I like the idea of specializing so if I was a Siren, I’d take that phaselock skill and keep upgrading it until it also adds an explosion, refills my health, and even revives a friend. Of course, various missions and enemies will require some experimentation and there’s nothing wrong with that.