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February 14, 2012
Yuke’s Media Creations
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UFC is one of the fastest rising sports on the planet. If you’re a member of the ever-increasing fan base, you’re likely interested in UFC Undisputed 3 , which is set to launch on February 14. Featuring an overhauled Career Mode that emphasizes a combination of dynamic robustness and fast-paced accessibility, this entry has plenty going for it. You can even select a real-life fighter and essentially rewrite his career. …let’s hope you rewrite it for the better.

Let’s focus on that Career Mode, as it’s obviously the meat of the production. As you’re just a novice in the Octagon, you’re going to have start with some tutorials. You’ll practice Standup, Clinch, and Ground maneuvers and your starting stats are dependent on your performance. More sports games should have this feature, by the way; it’s realistic and makes the introductory portions feel much more significant. Trying to get into the UFC isn’t exactly easy, you know?

So you’ll start in the World Fighting Alliance, seeking a shot at the UFC. If you win the WFA title, you'll probably receive a call, but becoming a champion at any level is bound to be daunting. It’s a good idea to take advantage of all the training options afforded you; this includes a total of eight exercises and six sparring challenges, which will enhance your stats and abilities. You’ll want to focus on the disciplines that cater to your personal fighting style. If you don’t have one, pick one.

Training is a fighter’s entire life, so don’t think practice in this game is limited to a few mini-games. There are Camp Sessions, where you can attend any of the six true-to-life fighting academies and hone your blossoming skills. So if you’re at the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, you know you’ll emerge with more effective kicking power and accuracy. Even real fighters who can often be found at each of the six academies will be on hand to assist.

Finally, when you’re ready to enter the ring, you can formulate a plan of attack. There are eight ways to approach an encounter; taking your opponent and your strengths and weaknesses into account will be crucial when choosing. Do you think it’ll end up on the ground (as most UFC fights tend to do)? If so, select a ground and pound emphasis for your plan of attack. Just remember that almost anything can happen in the UFC, so you have to be prepared to adapt on the fly.

There’s one final addition that seems cool to me— Yuke’s is tossing in footage from real fights, along with fighter interviews. These replace the cut-scenes from previous entries and should give the game an even more authentic feel. UFC Undisputed 3 hits on Valentine’s Day, and we’re hoping it hits like several tons of bricks.

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10 years ago

got the demo today been playing the alpha all week and the pre order has been paid off for months. cant waif for valentines day!

10 years ago

I love the UFC and watch it a lot, but that game is not for me. I s*ck at those games, I tried UFC 2009 but I couldn't get into it.