Scheduled release date:
March 6th, 2007
EA Canada
Number Of Players:
1-4 (2 Online)

It's no secret that EA's BIG subdivision of extreme-sports games has done fairly well for the world's largest game publisher. SSX was the very BIG branded game when it debuted as the best launch game on the PS2 back in 2000. Along with SSX, EA BIG's NBA Street took a much familiar formula of exaggerated basketball and brought it over to a new generation of game consoles. With the NBA Jam franchise rotting away and unabe to make a proper comeback, EA capitalized and thus NBA Street became the premier basketball arcade game.

When NBA Street Homecorut debuts this March, it'll mark the 6th year anniversary of the series and the fourth entry EA BIG will be publishing. Clearly, with a new generation of hardware comes the ability of creating an NBA Street title like never before. Visually, Homecourt boasts the traditionally detailed ball-players sporting some rather sharp texture work. Though, perhaps, the most important thing in a sports games' visuals is its animation. Silky smooth animation just wasn't something that last-gen consoles were overly capable of producing. But things have changed…dramatically. NBA Street sports players that animate superbly no matter which action they're pulling off. Sudden directional changes are done properly and fluidly.

With this being the newest and biggest NBA Street title to date, you know EA BIG had to throw in a few cool little tricks here and there. And the newest feature actually allows you to throw in some of *your* personal tricks. The Trick Remixer feature gives the gamer the ability to create a trick on the fly — you can even combo your personal tricks into one chain of knee-breaking pain. On top of that, wait until you see the new set of tricks EA Canada has added to Homecourt; they're bound to get an uproar of laughter and excitement from anyone who sees them.

Still, NBA Street will continue to provide that same terrific 3-on-3 experience its been delivering for six years now. To further add to the experience, NBA Street will take you on a trip to the homecourts of where some of the NBA's best grew up playing at. Dominate the courts of the legends, and you dominate the game. Likewise, you can also do the dominating with a created character whose attributes you can mix and match to your liking. And of course, no sports games in this generation would be complete with an online component — so NBA Street Homecourt has that covered. Though we're not entirely sure how many players can play in one online match, whether its one person controlling a team or six people controlling each respective baller on the court.

In any case, sports fans, NBA fans, and NBA Street fans have something pretty special to look forward to come this February for the X360 and March for the PS3. And with that said, allow me to get something out of my system: BAAALLLIN'!!

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