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1 Player
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February 5, 2008

At the first conceptual showing of the PS3 back in E3 2005, Sony made it clear that they will have every killer app from the PS2 available on the PS3. One of the bigger no brainers was Capcom's Devil May Cry. Needless to say, we were all pretty excited about a fourth DMC title heading to the PS3 — although a little upset because of how long it took until we got some footage, info and visuals. Well, that's all behind us now as Capcom has released the screenshots, has let people play it, and so here now comes the info part.

Story wise, there will be an additional character present in DMC4, and that is Nero. Nero is a young warrior whose exact role and background is not known yet. What is known is that Nero witnesses Dante slaughter an elite group of "Holy Knights" belonging to a faction called the "Order of the Sword". The purpose of this group is to rid the world of every demon, which is a goal of Dante's, as well. So it remains to be seen just what the purpose of the slaughter was — perhaps Dante's demon within has taken over completely? Nero is too a demon who only recently discovered his powers…and it's a possibility that various battles will occur between both Dante and Nero in the game. Let's just hope that Capcom doesn't pull a "Raiden" on us, and have us play DMC4 10% as Dante, and 90% as Nero.

Nero's controls and features are almost identical to Dante's. Nero has a revolver, a sword, and a special weapon called the Devil Bringer. All three weapons are equipped simultaneously, so you can actually combine all three into one enormously long combo — combos are crazier more so in the fourth than ever before, says Capcom. The Devil Bringer acts a central function of the game, as the more its fought with, the stronger it gets. The more you fight, the more it can be upgraded and strengthened, allowing you to deliver furious damage constantly. Controls at this point seem to be identical to Devil May Cry 3 — but Capcom may have done that intentionally to allow people to dive into the basics immediately — so it's a possibility a few tweaks may still be made to accommodate the new gameplay features in store for the game. Capcom has also put quite a bit of emphasis on an even crazier combo system, where you can hack and slash in mid-air, and keep combos going for a much longer period of time.

Visually, based on what I've seen from DMC4, it looks quite impressive. While it isn't pushing any serious boundaries, it's still a very sharp looking next-generation title; and what's more is that it's definitely staying true to its look. The texture details are probably what stand out the most, as everything around you looks intricate and precise. The details are definitely sharp, and you'd be hard pressed to find any blotchy pieces — thank goodness for that. Additionally, character detail is fantastic with some terrific detail work on both Nero's and Dante's cloaks. The overall package right now is looking very crisp and pleasant with little to none visual aggravation present. There were some framerate issues present in the early Tokyo Game Show demo, but knowing Capcom you won't find a grain of it in the final release. It doesn't really need to be said, but make sure you guys keep your eye out for Devil May Cry 4. Its release date is still to be announced, but let's hope it hits shelves in 2007.

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