Scheduled release date:
October 21st, 2008

Thanks to Sony, the Spyro the Dragon franchise has really established itself as a solid platform-adventure series of games. PlayStation vets should know why I applaud Sony for the establishment of the series, but if you don't, here's a quick lesson: the original three Spyro games were published by Sony and developed by Insomniac for the first PlayStation, until Universal ended their deal with Sony and made the franchise multiplatform. Well, many iterations of the game have passed, some good, some average, some terrible…and now it's time for one more.

With this iteration, The Legend of Spyro era comes to an end, as Dawn of the Dragon marks the end of the trilogy. For the third entry in the Legend series, Sierra went all out and has cast an all-star lineup of Hollywood's biggest. Elijah Wood and Gary Oldman reprise their roles as Spyro and Ignitus, respectively, but jumping on the wagon are Christina Ricci, Blair Underwood, Mark Hamill, and Wayne Brady.

As is always the case with bad-ass enemies, at one point or another fans will eventually have to ally themselves with them, and it's always a welcome treat. Sonic has Knuckles, Spider-Man has Venom, Mario has Bowser, and now Spyro will team with Cynder to stop the Dark Master's evil from spreading around the world. Spyro now faces the quest to discover and tap into the power of purple dragon that he is and finish off the Dark Master for good.

For Dawn of the Dragon, Spyro gains the permanent ability to fly at anytime he wishes. An on-the-fly co-operative mode has also been introduced, allowing a second gamer to come in and out as either Spyro or Cynder — depending on who player one is using. So yes, that said, you can indeed play through the whole game as Cynder. As Spyro, you'll be able to use fire, electricity, earth and ice attacks, while Cynder can use poison, wind, shadow, and fear. Additional differences between the two are speed and strength, as Cynder is the faster runner, but weaker in defense in contrast to Spyro.

Equipping dragon armor is another new mechanic for the thid game, allowing either dragon to increase their defenses, in addition to power gems that increase other statistics. Performing melee combos is one more new feature found in this finale, and you'll want to get the hang of defeating enemies with long string combos, as they'll drop blue gems that will help Spyro or Cynder gain more experience.

I've already listed the list of actors for the game, but in case you're wondering who voices who in the game, here it is:

Elijah Wood: Spyro
Christina Ricci: Cynder
Wayne Brady: Sparx
Blair Underwood: Hunter of Avalar
Mark Hamill: Malefor (The Dark Master)
Gary Oldman: Ignitus
Corey Burton: Volteer
Jeff Bennett: Cyril
Kevin Michael Richardson: Terrador

Spyro the Dragon: Dawn of the Dragon is set for an October 21st release. From what we've seen thus far, it's actually coming along quite well…certainly better than the one's developed by Krome Studios.

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12 years ago

So does this mean this is the last spyro game ever?

ArnoldK PSXE
ArnoldK PSXE
12 years ago

No, it's just the end of the trilogy.

12 years ago

I hope so Spyro turned into a flop after the PS1 trilogy, just like crash.