Scheduled release date:
September 2008
Number Of Players:
1-8 (4 Online)
Release Date:

Buzz! like SingStar, is Sony's other up-and-coming franchise. Just like SingStar, Buzz has amassed more popularity overseas but is slowly catching on in the states. With a number of games available on the PlayStation 2, the series is ready to enter the next-gen world of the PlayStation 3 with an all new trivia set – this one covers a variety of genres.

Based on the name, you may be lead to think that this is a game with TV trivia. But it isn't, Quiz TV is the in-game TV network that delivers you a variety of trivia genres, such as Music, Movies, Television, Sports, Brainiac, and Lifestyle questions. In total, over 5000 questions exist in the game, and that means it'll be a long, long time before you run through the entire game's set of trivia to the point where you memorize it. Channel Hopper mode will allow you to switch between the categories/genres, giving you the ability to engage in diverse trivia offerings.

Four buzzers will come bundled with the game, but you can choose to use your old PlayStation 2 buzzers, as they will be compatible with the PS3 game. Offline eight gamers can put their buzzers to use and go at it. Online, four can compete from anywhere in the United States in Sofa vs. Sofa mode.

Other network options include downloadable quiz packs, each of which will feature a set of 500 questions, making the Buzz! experience on the PS3 that much less finite. These quiz packs will span across a variety of genres such as Sports, Pop Culture, Music, and more. Downloaded content will be automatically mixed into the game.

The other big bit for network features is the ability to upload custom mini-quizzes onto, which will allow Buzz! owners to download the user generated content onto their PS3s. User created quizzes don't necessarily have to be uploaded, as they can be saved and stored onto your console for your friends and family to experience. Up to eight questions can be entered per each user created quiz. An option to report inappropriate custom quizzes will be made available, to deter 12-year old, or 30-year old idiots from polluting the website.

New characters and round-types are promised, so in addition to the proven game modes available in past iterations, this all new Buzz! game will boast even more hectic round types to suck you into. Of course, in addition to all of that, you can look forward to visual improvements, which will have Buzz! Quiz TV rendering at 720p and 1080i, with visuals far more polished than what's been available on the PS2.

European gamers can pick-up their Quiz TV bundles now, but American gamers will have to wait until September 23rd, 2008.

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12 years ago

might i add, me and my g.f got this a few weeks ( we live in england ) and we havn't been off it since, its trully a fantastic game, as it has great measures to balance out the game so no one runs away with it, who ever is loosin, picks the next catoragy, hence the phrase, losers are choosers lol, i recommend it to everyone accross the pond as its a really great game esp when u have friends over.

12 years ago

My family will love this. I'm picking it up.