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TBA 2009
Airtight Games
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January 12, 2010

Add one more third-person shooter to the balance beam, as Capcom's Dark Void is yet another action title looking to stop the utter domination of all shooters boasting a first-person perspective. Capcom isn't typically known for first-person shooters in general, so a third-person action title comes as no surprise to us.

In Dark Void, the game stars a guy named Will. Will is a pilot whose responsibility is to save all of humanity. 'How will he do that', you ask? Good question, Jimmy. During a flight, Will's plane crashes in the Bermuda Triangle, and Will finds himself trapped in an empty environment, the Void. The Void is a parallel universe, and because it boasts status-altering effects, Will gains a multitude of superhero-like abilities. A group of fighters, called The Survivors, recruit Will as the head of their faction in a battle against an alien race that plans to destroy Earth.

Dark Void is a third-person shooter, but you're not going to spend all of your time on-foot. Will has the ability to fly around and engage in aerial-combat. Flying will be a necessity, as there will be instances where you'll be required to take an enemy to the sky in order to defeat it, by dropping said enemy thousands of feet to the ground.

In addition to boasting an ability to fly, Will's flying techniques and aerial-combat will be upgraded with the enhancement of his hover and rocket pack. Enhancements will include increases in flying speed, as well as damage. Additionally, when you're not flying about, you'll have to scale enormous structures to reach the top, and jump from surface to surface. But scaling will not be a simple push of directional buttons, as enemy aliens will be on platforms above you trying to knock you down. One aspect of the game's grip system will allow you to qrab the alien's leg, and throw it down the pit from where you came from. Another aspect of this grip system allows Will to latch on to and hi-jack a UFO while in mid-air. Sounds badass to us.

Speaking of UFOs, they're labeled as The Watchers, and the game's presentation aims to be thought-provoking, as it's partly based on a conspiracy theory and phenomenon. With franchises like Metal Gear Solid, and now Dark Void, it's always nice to play a game that makes you think about the world today and what we don't about it, in addition to the galaxy outside of us.

Based on the footage we've seen, Dark Void looks like it's coming along to be an action packed and engaging title with some really cool gameplay mechanics. The game isn't set for a release until sometime in 2009, but hopefully we'll get a taste of it at E3 in the next few weeks. Visually, expect to see expansive environments, with towering structures that present a very epic feel.

Stay posted for screens, videos, and additional news on Dark Void as it comes our way.

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ray taylor
ray taylor
12 years ago

Could be worth taking a look at. Hopefully it is not like most shooter games and just end up being a bunch of hype.

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