Scheduled release date:
October 2008
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2K Marin
Number Of Players:
1 Player
Release Date:
October 21, 2008

After much speculation, the rumors have been officially confirmed that Bioshock is, indeed, coming to the PlayStation 3. While we here always expected to see the game arrive on the PS3, many others were convinced it would never happen. With all of that hoopla behind us, PS3 owners who've yet to play the game on the Xbox 360 or PC can now read up on the details of what to expect out of Bioshock when it lands on the PlayStation 3 this year.

Bioshock takes place completely underwater. You are in an underwater city that's been broken down by a civil war. You are cast into this unknown world with advanced technology and eerie mysteries, and you must fight to survive. To do this, Bioshock employs a gameplay trait that distinguishes it from any other first-person shooter out there. This trait allows you to turn everything and anything into a weapon: the environment, your body fire, water, even enemies. Bioshock gives you the kind of freedom no other FPS game can. This trait ensures that no two adventures, between two different people, will ever play out the same.

The story is about you, the survivor of North Atlantic plane crash. A lighthouse out in the distance is your only chance for survival, but when you get to it, you see a submersible capsule — large enough for a human to dive into. Climbing into the capsule sends you on a decent to Rapture, the city beneath the sea. This city beneath the sea was once a haven put together for the world's keenest minds and individuals to gather at. The idealism behind the city had washed away, and now it's riddled with corpses. Mutations run amok, a genetic civil war is brewing, and you're caught in the middle.

Bioshock will allow you to genetically modify your body with plasmids, granting you dozens of powerful abilities such as electro-bolts from your fingers, the emergency of hornets from your body, and even turn enemies against one another. Hacking devices and systems will allow you to take control of them, so if you see security robots, reprogram them and they'll shield you from harm. You'll find tons of various machinery to put your hacking skills to use with, giving you a vast freedom of manipulation.

Weaponry can be upgraded at one of many Fire-For-Effect stations scattered throughout the city. With the materials you find and pick up, you'll be able to create customized ammo and plasmids at U-Invent stations. As mentioned before, anything can be used as a weapon, and so Bioshock allows you to experiment with different forms of combat and approaches. Battles aren't limited to the preference of a specific weapon, so you can control the fight with the by manipulating your political alliances, use objects in the environment, use plasmids, or a combination of all.

Decision making will be a role of the game, as you'll often find yourself with the task of making rational decisions. Do you sacrifice innocent survivors as a means of staying alive? Or do you risk yourself and become the savior of the people you've helped. Visually, expect Bioshock to bring some of the best aesthetic beauty this generation has ever seen. Take-Two will be enhancing the PlayStation 3 port visually, in addition to adding a whole bunch of extra and exclusive content not available on the Xbox 360 and PC.

Look for Bioshock to hit the PlayStation 3 this October. Expect nothing but mind-blowing quality from this one.

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12 years ago

Nice…this is amazing. A great addition to add to the PS3's plethora of titles.

12 years ago

This is gonna be good.
I still wonder though what else does Microsoft have left.
Cuz all their exclusives keep coming to the PS3 and PC so it makes wonder why do you need to buy a 360 now.
First Bioshock, then Mass Effect, then Crysis, then Gears of War.

12 years ago

Ever since it came out on 360 and didn't work on my PC I have been hoping it would come out to PS3. It's definitely going to be one of the top games on the console and a must-buy this fall/winter.