Scheduled release date:
Summer 2008
Number Of Players:
1-2 (2 Online Co-op)

More Capcom classics are coming back our way. We've already brought you
previews of Bionic Commando Rearmed, Commando 3, Super Street Fighter II Turbo
HD, and now you can add 1942: Joint Strike to that list. Capcom's 1940s
franchise has always been one of the most popular top-down shooters, and it's
being brought back for the HD generation.

1942: Joint Strike will stay true to its predecessors, by featuring influences
from past 1940s games. Gameplay will take place on a two-dimensional plane, but
the game is utilizing a fully three-dimensional graphics engine, complete with
beautiful texture work, explosions, and scenery. Even though the heart of the
game is from the 1980s, the look of it will be modern-day.

The historic backdrop of the game takes place during a World War II-like state.
Capcom has put together locations, vehicles, and weapons that are highly
reminiscent of World War II, albeit with stylistic differences, and
enhancements. Even though the year is 1942, it is based on a completely
fictional world and set of events.

Gameplay borrows from the game's name, as joint strike attacks have been added
to the gameplay mix, where two-aircrafts combine forces for one insane attack.
In addition, the weapons and power-ups that we're all so familiar with will be
making their return. Moreover, as you'd expect, co-operative gameplay continues
to exist in the game, as you and a friend can play through the missions locally
or online.

Missions will consist of the standard 1940s affair, in which you'll have to
dodge a plethora of attacks from a swarm of incoming foes, witness immense
explosions, and defeat classically-gigantic bosses that take up half of the
screen. I don't know about you guys, but I've been waiting for a proper top-down
shooter to come my way for years now, and I'm glad it's Capcom who's bringing
theirs back.

The game is being developed by Backbone entertainment, the same folks who are
behind the Super-Turbo HD remake, and Commando 3. The game's soundtrack will be
done by Norihiko Hibino, the man responsible for the music of practically every
Metal Gear Solid game — he is also doing the soundtrack for Capcom's Commando
3. 1942: Joint Strike will be yet another must-own downloadable game to add to
the growing list of PlayStation Network titles made available this year. Look
for it to arrive this Summer of 2008.

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