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Would you have ever thought that Activision would be the company to pretty much dethrone the Medal of Honor franchise as the premier World War 2 series? Some may argue this sparked the beginning between EA's and Activision's feud — leading all the way up to EA's recent announcement to step on Activision's toes and release a skateboarding game. We'll see how that pans out for EA in the future, but in the meantime Activision shows no signs of slowing down with a third Call of Duty. Currently, Call of Duty 3 is one of the most anticipated PS3 launch games and with good reason.

Unlike Call of Duty 2 for the Xbox 360, Call of Duty 3 is built from the ground up for both the PS3 and X360 — so there's no PC porting here. The engine is completely new and features a far more sophisticated physics core than before. The animations have also been improved, as Activision promises to deliver the "most cinematic war experience ever." Overall, the visuals are exactly what you'd expect; gritty and captivating. While the overall scenery may be something most of us are used to seeing from WWII shooters, you'll still be quite amazed when you see Call of Duty 3 in action.

COD3 revolves around the Normandy Breakout, specifically when the US troops were allied together with Britain, Canada, and Poland, liberating Paris in the process during a crucial time when Hitler, quite literally, wanted it burned down. In the game, you will be able to play with a soldier from any of the Allied. So depending on which country you fight with, that'll be the platoon you stick to and take orders from. As you're making your way around the battlefields, you'll be able to battle in a variety of ways — one of which includes hand-to-hand combat. If you're out of ammo, set up an explosive to lure an enemy/enemies to. Additionally, you can use your empty gun as a melee weapon too. Activision states that there's a number of ways you can survive combat, by being cunning and using your reflexes. As with many games of this type, you'll quickly realize that there is a variety of different mission types — some will require sniping, some will be all out chaotic, and others will feature demolitions. But if you don't wish to play a certain level a certain way, then don't — do as you please — confront the enemy any way necessary.

The online portion of the game is where a lot the appeal lies in. 24 players on foot or in armored Jeeps, motorcycles with passenger carts, and tanks! That's pretty much all that needs to be said, eh? In addition to all of that, each vehicle will be able to hold a number of people, all of which will be able to control a certain function of the vehicle. You can also have a friend split the screen with you and play online with you simultaneously.

Obviously, Call of Duty 3 will end up being one of those games where even after it's been beaten (or not), it'll still find a lot of play as a multiplayer title. Whatever the case may be, count us as one of the many looking forward to it once it hits on launch day.

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11 years ago

its good but its nothing compared to call of duty 4

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