Scheduled release date:
June 2008
Heavy Iron Studios
Number Of Players:

In the world of animation, Pixar can do no wrong. Over the past few years they've given us a fish with heart, cute cars, and made us fall in love with a rat. Now, they're putting the finishing touches on their all new adventure, and this one stars a robot by the name of WALL-E. As with all of Pixar's films, a videogame adaptation comes right along with it, and THQ will once again publish it, thanks to an exclusivity contract.

The story of WALL-E revolves around the little robot that was left on an abandoned Earth, after it had been evacuated by everyone. WALL-E is a waste management robot, as his name is actually an acronym for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class. As the humans fled Earth, everything was shutdown, except for WALL-E. All alone on the Earth for hundreds of years, WALL-E develops a 'glitch' of sorts – a personality. He discovers that there is more to life than being a mindless drone.

One day, WALL-E witnesses a large spaceship land, and out comes a sleek, modern research robot called EVE, who was sent by the humans to see if Earth was livable again. EVE discovers that WALL-E has accidentally found the answer to Earth's future, and attempts to return back to report the findings. But you see, WALL-E falls in love with her, and so begins a chase across an entire galaxy.

In the game, you'll play as both WALL-E and EVE. In addition to following the storyline of the movie, you'll also embark on new quests and environments specifically created for the game. The adventure will consist of 10 worlds, and will boast head-to-head multiplayer capabilities too. Now, THQ wasn't very specific with their wording, so we don't know if 10 worlds means 10 stages. Additionally, we're also not sure if multiplayer capabilities include online.

What we do know is that the game promises to follow the storyline of the movie relatively closely, as it'll also boast characters and locations directly from the film. So if you don't wish to have elements of the movie spoiled, watch the movie first before buying the game.

We haven't seen much of Wall-E, as THQ has barely released a grain of media for the game. We did manage to snag a pair of screens, but they aren't terrible impressive. Visually, they continue the trend of mediocrity that many movie-based games feature. The already glaring flaw I can see is poor texture detail, and that's not a good thing when you're trying to cover a movie created by the most respect computer-animation house in all of cinema. Still, I'll give these screens the benefit of the doubt and assume they came from an early build of the game,

The same way I eagerly look forward to the movie, I still look forward to playing the game, as well.

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