Scheduled release date:
June 2008
Atari/Namco Bandai
Number Of Players:
1-2 (2 Online)

It took an extremely long amount of time for Dragon Ball Z
games to come back to life, as far Dragon Ball Z: Final Bout GT,
GT Interactive (now Infogrames/Atari) showed no interest in
reviving the franchise in the form of a brawler. Until the
PlayStation 2 came around, and we were graced with DBZ: Budokai
in 2002. Budokai would go on to sell bucket-loads, and thus the
reinvigoration of the franchise in virtual form.

Fast forward six years, with two separate DBZ series' spanning
totaling games (Budokai and Budokai Tenkaichi), we're now
approaching the release of yet another DBZ game, this one called
Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit. Burst Limit will boast a story mode
that'll take players through the start of the Saiyan Saga all the
way to the end of the Cell Saga. The developers behind the
original Budokai series, Dimps, are the ones handling Burst
Limit. And while you're playing through the Story Mode, you will
be presented with numerous "What If" events, as was
common in the past games.

Interestingly enough, the gameplay of Burst Limit is going to be
two-dimensional, set on a three-dimensional plane, much like the
upcoming Street Fighter IV. But unlike Street Fighter IV, Burst
Limit will allow you to fight in mid-air for extended periods of
time. Additionally, to make the game feel closer to the anime,
pulling off certain moves will trigger a seamless transition into
and out of a cutscene. And button mashing when two energy beams
clash will be required in order to gain the upper hand.

Fighters will also be able to transforming to a more powerful
form; for example Goku powering up to his Kaioken form. So far,
the list of characters is looking quite nice, but it's yet to be
finalized. We're looking at a total of 35 characters, complete
with alternate forms. So far, from screenshots and videos, 23
characters have been gathered up, and Japanese Magazine V-Jump
says that there'll be 13 stages in total. Even though 13 may not
sound like a lot, considering how massive they're going to be in
Burst Limit, we think it's more than enough.

Check out the currently known roster of fighters and their
enhanced forms below:

Goku (Base, Kaioken, Super Saiyan)
Kid Gohan (Base, Potential)
Teen Gohan (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2)
Piccolo (Base, Fused with Nail, Fused with Kami)
Vegeta (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Grade 2)
Future Trunks (Base, Super Saiyan, Super Sayian Grade 2, Super
Sayian Grade 3)
Frieza (1st Form, 2nd Form, 3rd Form, Final Form, 100% Full
Powered, Mecha Frieza)
Cell (Imperfect, Semi-perfect, Perfect,Super Perfect)
Krillin (Base, Potential)
Captain Ginyu
Android 16
Android 17
Android 18
Cell Jr.

Lastly, expect online capabilities in the game, as Burst Limit
will be playable on both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.
Unfortunately, according to Atari, it'll be limited to one-vs-one
matches, as they're still not accustomed to the development of
next-gen consoles. Bummer. Look for Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit to
hit June 2008.

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13 years ago

sadly = this game went back to 2d which is totally stupid. they pretty much just made a remake of Budokai 1. tsk tsk. i can only hope that this is supposed to be some 'test' to see how they'll do on the next gen…

13 years ago

I can't believe that the story mode only covers the sayian saga to the cellgames!!!!! U would think with the massive space of blu ray, the developers would cover everything!!!! Not to only mention goku only at super sayian!!!!????? I'm highly disappointed and hat to say it, but will not buy this installment even though I'm a huge DBZ fan.

13 years ago

I agree with kj313 ;

ArnoldK PSXE
ArnoldK PSXE
13 years ago

KJ313: I do agree with you. Ultimately, DIMPS says they are not comfortable with the next-gen hardware yet, and thus for the limited online and other gameplay features. In that case, I think Atari/NamcoBandai should've chosen another developer to take the challenge.

13 years ago

I understand Arnold they're not comfortable but I just want everything each game has all rolled up into one game. I'm tired of saying well boudkai has this I like, but tenkachi has that which I like. U know just roll them all into one!

13 years ago

Ok…where the hell is Buu?!? He's my favorite character!!! Especially Kid Buu…grrr that blows I hope they definitly add him tho. Btw…anyone excited for the live action movie?!? Lol I know I for one…can't wait to see it….BOMB!!!

13 years ago

Guys, ima big DBZ fan and while I DO miss the Buu saga, you guys are forgetting something. Quality over Quantity. I did NOT like the Tenkaichi series for one reason, depth. Yes it was fun to fly around and do super attacks…….but thats it….out of 100 characters 30 of em fight the same. In the Budokai games ALL the characters are different, and even then the game wasent that deep. Again my only complaint about this game is no Buu saga. I am NOT a fan of DBGT… sucks. and The Buu saga is where it intended to end, and thats what I want. Oh well though as long as the characters are all different and there is a decent amount of stages and online, and some decent amount of depth, thats all I want. And for the record, the best Tenkaichi player could be beat out by the worst player, why? Because it requires no skill, in Budokai? Hell No! That game actually takes practice and skill!

12 years ago

I hate dragon ball Z, I mean really. Each series can be bottled to 1 45 minute episode.
ep1 = kids play, enemy pops up
ep2 = they talk about the enemy popping up and look for reasoning
ep3 = they try to find enemy to supposingly stop them
ep4 = they meet enemy and talk trash
ep5 = they shake
ep6 = they shake some more to take a dump or powerup or whatever
ep7 = they all shoot, usually miss
ep8 = they gotta power up AGAIN, cot damnit
ep9 = someone dies
ep10 = that someone comes back or is found still breathing
ep11 = they go for revenge
ep12 = they miraculously win after simulated fight scene and one super bolt or whatever
ep13 = they rejoice and talk and it goes to flashback sequences
ep14 = the cycle starts all over again. friggin pathetic

12 years ago


if you dont like dbz.
dont post here.
we dont care to be honest.
why would you come onto a dbz preview and purposly post stuff like that?

@everyone els.
i hated tenkaichi.
i bought the 1st one, played it for hours, then took it back.
it bored me so much. and the sequels didnt do anything to change that, just added transformations and a heckload more characters that had no bearing on the series at all.

I was SO glad when i heard Dimps was heading the Dev of this game. Every budokai game was supurb and Budokai 3 remains one of my Top games ever played to date.

thats a pretty bland statement.
aren't ALL devs new to the next-gen at some stage? to my knowledge and correct me if im wrong. this is Dimps 1st go at a DBZ game on next-gen.
Give them a chance to work mate.

I've played the Burst Limit demo and i personally think it's going to be an awesome game. It's everything that Budokai did correctly, but alot more flashy and fast paced. I played both available levels countless times, and smashing Raditz with a melee combo, knocking him back, powering up, and unleasing a Super Kamehameha. will NEVER get old for me =]