Scheduled release date:
Summer 2008
Widescreen Games
Number Of Players:
1 (Online TBA)
Release Date:
Summer 2008

This all new Highlander game is the first one in 14 years. It's being put together by Widescreen, and published by Eidos. It'll be a third-person action-adventure title where you take control of an Immortal. In this all new iteration, you will be thrown into the ongoing conflict among other Immortals, and you'll span 2000 years worth of time. Hey, after all, you are immortal.

You'll battle it out in four enormous locations, split up into 18 missions. The locations will include New York, Pompeii, Japan, and the Highlands. And as you progress, you'll surely come across a variety of familiar characters from the Highlander series, as well as experience epic sword combat, epic battles, and what Eidos promises to be lush, and historical locales.

As far as sword combat goes, there will be three weapons to master: a Katana, Claymore, and Double Sword. You'll have the ability to perform Quickening Techniques such as Resurrection, Chi Balance (Stamina), Weapon Mastery (Fireblade, Wind Fury, Stone Armor), and Channeling the Source (charge up for powerful attacks). While you traverse your environments, you'll be able to dagger climb, rope climb, swan dive, freefall, traverse climb, cannonball, beam, zipline, and utilize dynamic ladders (we're not quite sure what this one means).

"HIGHLANDER itself is a cult classic. Practically everyone has heard of it and we wanted to offer the first ever next-generation videogame of the franchise," said Darren Barnett, Development Director, Eidos. "Having a central character that is immortal and has roamed the earth for 2000 years opens up so many gameplay opportunities in terms of story, environments, predicaments and enemies – HIGHLANDER is a thrilling adventure for both fans of the franchise and fans of explosive, fast-paced third person action games."

There'll be a total of 77 character, and a new main character by the name of Owen MacLeod. Owen is the ancestor to Duncan and Connor, and is awakened by the oldest living Immortal Methos, who becomes his mentor. As Owen, you'll gain powers and enhance your strengths by defeating others. Decapitating a rival Immortal yields new Quickening abilities to be absorbed, in addition to gaining the strength of the defeated Immortal. And your ultimate finale is to kill your arch-nemesis, a character that'll haunt you all throughout the game, who's also yet to be revealed.

The game will run on Unreal Engine III, as many other PS3 and Xbox 306 multiplatform titles do. So far, early indications point to a good looking action title with nice character detail, and a good sense of art-direction. Each one of the four game locations will feature their own unique time-frame: New York is set in the near future, Pompeii is set prior to the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, Highlands is set during the medieval ages, and Japan is framed under the classic Samurai/Feudal-era.

Look for Highlander: The Game to launch Summer 2008.

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13 years ago

hell yea highlander is the shit

12 years ago

hoe they do it justice.