Scheduled release date:
Summer 2008
Triumph Studios
Number Of Players:
1-2 (2 Online)

Whoever said it isn't fun playing the role of the bad guy clearly lied. Codemasters has recently proven that to be true by releasing their bad-guy effort with Triumph Studios called Overlord. Overlord is one of the many previously exclusive games to jump ship into the multiplatform world, much like many other games have this past generation. But unlike a number of late and poor ports, the PS3 version, Overlord: Raising Hell, will boast new features and enhancements.

In Overlord you take role of a character who is aspiring to be the…err…Overlord of the people. Makes sense, doesn't it? You, as the character with aspirations, can lead an army of up to 50 minions simultaneously, with hundreds more stored in a reserve. Now, what may sound like a strategy game is actually an action-adventure title, where you are ruthless and show no pity; you demand one thing – fear and respect among every kingdom you visit.

Conquering kingdoms will require a solid army of minions that'll follow you everywhere you go, and fulfill your conquering needs. There are four types of minions. The Brown Minions are the fighter breed. They are the best at close range combat, and are smart enough to pick up dropped weapons and items, and use them to their own advantage. Red Minions are the flame throwers – much like archers, these guys throw fireballs from a distance and are also immune to fire. Green Minions are the stealthy assassins who hide, ambush, and sneak up for a kill – these guys are immune to poison and can form upgrades out of dropped debris. Finally, the Blue Minions are the healers, capable of resurrecting and even swimming across waters.

With 50 of them being scattered across the screen, Overlord possesses some rather solid artificial intelligence code. Additionally, these little slaves of yours will add a dose of comedy to the game, so it isn't just doom and gloom all throughout. You'll put these minions to use across five main kingdoms that you'll need to conquer, and the PS3 version features additional levels per each kingdom, so the experience will be longer.

There's also an online mode available. Taking Overlord online will allow you to play co-operative modes such as Pillage and Survival. Other online mode is Slaughter, a mode that can be played online and offline via two-player split screen. And because the PlayStation 3 version is an enhanced port, it'll feature all of the downloadable content made available for the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

In addition to extra features will be enhancements. Overlord: Raising Hell will boast better visuals than the Xbox 360 version, as stated by Codemasters. The original game looked decent, but could've used a better touch in a few spots, so we're curious to see how the PlayStation 3 version will fare. One thing's for sure, it's certainly nice to see more and more improved ports coming to the PS3. An on-screen mini-map will also be included for the PS3 game, among other gameplay refinements. And lastly, 7.1 surround sound support should make audiophiles extremely happy.

Look for Overlord: Raising Hell to hit the PlayStation 3 this Summer.

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13 years ago

Cool, gonna be lookin forward to it

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