Scheduled release date:
Fall 2008
Sierra Entertainment
Swordfish/Massive Entertainment
Number Of Players:
1 (16 Online)
Real Time Strategy

A little while ago, Sierra has announced that they'll be releasing PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the PC smash World in Conflict. The real-time strategy genre is not a favorite among console owners, as it largely targets the hardcore PC gamer. Still, World in Conflict was well praised last year, racking up fantastic reviews all around – and with today's mammothly powerful systems attracting the everyday PC gamer, Sierra probably figured 'why not give a shot'?

Developer Massive Entertainment will continue to supervise development of the console ports, but Swordfish Studios will be at the helm, primarily. The premise of the game is a simple one, and is yet another title that deals with a "what if" scenario; specifically, what if the Cold War didn't end. Sierra describes World in Conflict as the next step in interactive strategy warfare, as it features battlefields that can be completely leveled – so the level of interaction is immense.

But to go beyond that, WiC employs elements not commonly found in a real-time strategy game, such as the removal of gathering resources and base-building, and replacing it with a plethora of combat, action, and constant tactical decisions. The point of WiC is not to be your everyday point-and-click strategy game, but to be a strategy game with a heavy emphasis on action and intensity.

Created by best-selling author Larry Bond (Angels of Wrath, Combat), the story takes place back in 1989 when the Soviet Union was on the brink of collapsing. Instead of letting their country crumble, the Soviets attacked Europe and waged an all new war. NATO responded, but would find themselves facing a second attack, this one on American soil. You'll take control of Lieutenant Parker, as you commandeer an army of men to victory.

You can expect authenticity as a forte of this game, as WiC will feature actual military tanks, planes, trucks, helicopters, nuclear weapons, down to the outfits of the troops. Speaking of troops, you'll be able to control Infantry, Armor, Support, or Air squads throughout your campaign. And when you go online, which is good for up to 16 players, you'll want to know how to manage all of them properly. Multiplayer modes will include tug-of-war, domination, and assault, which will also feature teamplay versions.

The PC version of World in Conflict was beautiful, so we hope all of that translates well to the console releases, especially the PlayStation 3. With the PS3 version to undergo more development time than the Xbox 360 version, we're hoping to see an extremely solid port. There's just so much beauty to behold in World in Conflict, that it'd be a shame if the console versions didn't run properly.

Look for the PlayStation 3 version of World in Conflict to hit later on this Fall.

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