Scheduled release date:
Q2 2008
Namco Bandai
Namco Bandai
Number Of Players:
1-2 (2 Online)

When it comes down to three-dimensional fighters, Tekken
continues to reign as the popularity king. While games like
SoulCalibur and Virtua Fighter have long been considered to play
somewhat tighter than Tekken, neither were able to amass the
popularity – albeit, SoulCalibur is getting close. While Virtua
Fighter has always been a great franchise (and one of my all time
favorite series), some feel alienated by its technical approach,
a lack of story, endings, and slim selection of characters.

It was arguably Tekken 3 that really nailed the hammer into
Virtua Fighter's fanbase and popularity, as it featured an
enormous cast of characters, stupendous endings, a ton of game
modes, and a game that was both extremely accessible and
extremely deep. Tekken Tag Tournament would only continue that
momentum, and even though Tekken 4 was below the series'
standards, Tekken 5/Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection would fix all of
that. So now we're up to number six. It's already available to
play in arcades (yes, they still exist) and will be arriving on
the PlayStation 3 later in 2008. Furthermore, because the arcade
is based on modified PlayStation 3 hardware, expect Tekken 6 to
be a PlayStation 3 exclusive for some time.

For starters, Tekken 6 will retain all of the elements present in
Tekken 5/Tekken 5: DR, which many hail as the hallmark entry of
the series – and they're right. Dark Resurrection, in particular,
tightened up whatever loose ends Tekken 5 had, and would be
released on both the PSP and even the PlayStation 3. But, of
course, tons of new elements will be added, such as interactivity
with the stages – which means you'll have the ability to deform
your environment.

Additionally, stages will now feature more than one level or
story, similar to Dead or Alive games. So the possibility of
being knocked out of your initial setting into location elsewhere
has now been added. And stages will even feature daylight and
nighttime transitions, which should definitely be a sight to see
when playing the game.

Since elements of Tekken 5 have been implemented into Tekken 6,
you can expect the basic mechanics of the game to remain largely
the same, albeit with some tweaks done here and there. But what
you can also expect to see is a new "rage" system,
that, when activated, increases the power of a fighter whose
health is very low. In addition to the rage system, characters
will now be able to perform quick item moves, such as Bryan Fury
using his shotgun, Anna kicking a shoe, or Asuka Kazama using a
paper fan.

Players will be able to extend their juggling with the
introduction of a new bounce system for Tekken 6. I'm not quite
sure how it works just yet, but I do know that the
"bounce" is activated after you've beaten someone down
with a series of juggles.

Now, all of these new features and enhancements has made Namco
tweak the health bar, increasing its capacity considerably over
past Tekken games, allowing for matches to last the proper amount
of time. And speaking of tweaked, Namco has changed every single
frame of animation for every single fighter in the game. That's
right, everything you'll see in Tekken 6 is all new, done from
the ground up.

Then there's the return of all the crazy customizations from
Tekken 5. It'll all appear in Tekken 6, but with more options and
even more items to choose from. In case you aren't aware of the
kind of customization offered, you'll be able to drastically
change the look of any character in the game by giving them new
hair, clothing, accessories, and so on. And when you've got a
character you can call yours, feel free to take it online and
compete against another player anywhere in the world – yes,
Tekken 6 will have online gameplay.

Perhaps the craziest news of all is that Tekken 6 will boast the
largest cast of characters a Tekken game has ever had – 40!
Tekken 6 will feature every character in Tekken 5: Dark
Resurrection, in addition to all new fighters. Below is the list
of new fighters, and the list of returning fighters in
alphabetical order.

Miguel Caballero Rojo
Anna Williams
Armor King
Asuka Kazama
Baek Doo San
Bruce Irvin
Bryan Fury
Christie Monteiro
Craig Marduk
Devil Jin
Eddy Gordo
Feng Wei
Heihachi Mishima
Jin Kazama
Julia Chang
Kazuya Mishima
Lee Chaolan
Lei Wulong
Ling Xiaoyu
Marshall Law
Nina Williams
Paul Phoenix
Roger Jr.
Sergei Dragunov
Steve Fox
Wang Jinrei

Right now, no concrete date has been set for Tekken 6, but it
will be out sometime within the second quarter of 2008.

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11 years ago

lookin forward to it might as well give it a shot