Scheduled release date:
February 18th, 2008
EA Sports
EA Canada
Number Of Players:
1-7 (8 Online)

In a move nobody was surprised to see, months ago EA announced their third FIFA Street title for the next-generation consoles. Not too long ago, we brought you coverage of what you can expect out EA's newest Street entry but now we've had a chance to play it and the results aren't bad. Granted, I wasn't floored, nor did I find myself thinking this is as good the NBA Street line, but FIFA Street 3 is a fun game, nevertheless.

Yes, the visuals are weird, and are a stark departure compared to the visuals of NBA Street Homecourt and even past FIFA Street games. The player models are awkwardly shaped, with physiques purposely exaggerated both negatively and positively. The more thinner footballers look downright lanky and starved, where as the larger ones are rendered to look like bulldogs. It makes for an interesting contrast, but I can't help but feel as if it's just laziness. The courts are tiny, in comparison to a proper field, they are no larger than the average double-sided basketball court at your local park. This means getting from one end to next is extremely quick.

With the small court setup also comes a significantly smaller team to play with; a team consisting of only five players, including the goalie. And don't think it's too few, because steals and tackles will still happen frequently, so don't think you'll frequently have the field to yourself. Thus, this is where you'll put your sleeves to work, and start pulling tricks out of them. Much like NBA Street and NFL Street, the more tricks you pull off, the more points you earn to fill your GameBreaker meter.

FIFA Street is just as no holds barred as the other games. Tackling, offsides, and all of that proper conduct is thrown out the window. There are no rules in FIFA Street, just an objective to score and to score big. So far, my impressions are rather positive. FIFA Street seems to be yet another solid arcade entry for the EA BIG brand. If you're a fan of past FIFA Street games, you should really dig FIFA Street

Look for FIFA Street to arrive February 18th.

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