Scheduled release date:
Summer 2008
Krome Studios
Number Of Players:

Hellboy's success as a movie was rather surprising, to say the least. This comic book film-adaptation is neither X-Men or Spider-Man related, and yet managed to perform fairly well, taking in just about $100-million. Not bad for a movie that had a budget of $66-million. So now that Hellboy has amassed some more recognition, it was only a matter of time before the license was also turned into a videogame. After all, a behemoth, devil-like character, with an abnormally large and powerful hand…how could you not turn that into a videogame? Best of all, Hellboy: The Science of Evil will not be based on the movie, but rather an all new story, with creative direction by creator Mike Mignola and movie director Guillermo del Toro.

In the game, Hellboy discovers a Nazi plot in which the Germans plan for world domination. Hellboy's task will be to destroy their leader Hermann Von Klempt, and save the world. Even though this is an original story, the series' well known cast of characters will appear in the game. The game will utilize Hellboy's fantastic strengths, allowing you to progress throughout the game just as Hellboy would in his movie or comic book. Furthermore, to add to that feel of strength, your environments will be destructible, and you can use that to your advantage.

The action can be executed with a range of melee and grappling moves. You'll be able to use Hellboy's strength by unleashing strikes and combos against your enemies, in addition to using the environment, as previously mentioned. Examples of using the environment will be toppling a house on top of your enemies, or picking up debris and using it as a weapon. Hellboy will often find himself surrounded by many enemies at once, and so it'll be up to you to think of a proper strategy to get rid of them as efficiently as possible.

Visually, Hellboy looks to deliver an experience as close as possible to the movie, with a graphics engine that employs dynamic lighting, among other tricks. Konami has delayed the game numerous times, and so we're hoping that the final product looks and plays superbly well. The screenshots we have are from earlier builds of the game, and as you can see each group of screens shows notable improvements over one another. Right now, Hellboy is set for a Summer 2008 release, so it's still got a lot of time left in development.

I played the game briefly at E3 2007 and it certainly showed promise. Of course, you can expect Ron Pearlman to reprise his role as Hellboy, as well as Selma Blair as Liz, and Doug Jones as Abe – both of which will be playable characters in the game's multiplayer modes. Look for Hellboy: The Science of Evil to arrive at the beginning of Summer 2008, courtesy of Konami and Krome Studios.

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