Scheduled release date:
Q3 2008
Day 1 Studios
Number Of Players:
1 Player

Writing about a game like Fracture often generates excitement within me. If you've read some of my writing, you should be well aware that I'm not really loving the fact that every other shooter in development ends up being a first-person shooter. Perhaps LucasArts hears me loud and clear, and so they've aligned with Day 1 Studios to bring us their newest intellectual property: Fracture, a third-person shooter.

Much like many shooters out there, Fracture also takes place in a world surrounded by chaos and destruction. But, instead of taking place in a fictional backdrop, Fracture takes place in the 2100s, and in the United States. But the United States depicted in the game isn't what 250 million of us call home. Oh no, you see, following the melting of a polar ice cap, the Mississippi River overflowed and caused the "Great Flood." With roads, bridges, and paths submerged completely underwater for miles on, this would split apart the United States into two sections – the Atlantic Alliance, and the Republic of Pacifica.

After conducting unauthorized military preparation, the Pacificans find themselves in a global conflict, and so the game picks up. You are Mason Briggs, you are a part of the Atlantic Alliance, sent to help the Republic of Pacifica fight off the threat that's invading their soil. As Mason Briggs you'll be able to pull off only the imaginable. Briggs, much like many other soldiers, is genetically augmented and features a list of amazing abilities. One of his abilities will allow him to destroy the land in his path by making use of some powerful weaponry, and LucasArts has implemented this feature as a means of using it towards strategy. I assume you'll be able to take out a bridge and prevent an enemy from getting near you. Effectively, this allows you to change virtually everything about the environment in which you are in.

'Freedom and control' are two other features LucasArts points out in their rundown of Fracture, and we're excited to see how it all pans out. Certainly, the story is one of the most intriguing I've heard this generation, so far. I have faith in LucasArts and Day 1 Studios to bring us a solid new title. For those not familiar with Day 1, they were behind the mighty solid MechAssault games for the Xbox.

Thus far, Fracture's visuals seem to be coming along extremely well. There's definitely a generous amount of texture work, as practically everything on screen is glowing with details. You'll note how the game looks like a very high-end PC game, perhaps almost resembling cues from Crysis. The environments are certainly something to appreciate with good looking foliage and a vast draw-in distance. And the character detail only adds to the game's superb look.

Fracture is currently slated for a Q3 2008 release.

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