Scheduled release date:
TBA 2007
Electronic Arts
Digital Illusions
Number Of Players:
1-2 Players

Some of you may recall the GeoMod technology in Red Faction more than five years ago, and since then, you've watched as the industry has built on that foundation. Well, the latest Battlefield title is likely to bring environmental destruction to another level. Featuring a slightly new angle on the traditional Battlefield plot and a slew of intense action – both ranged and close-quarter – "Bad Company" should deliver on every possible level.

Speaking of that new angle this time around, DICE is adding some serious attitude to your cast of characters, which isn't comprised of your typical band of faceless soldiers. No, these guys are out for vengeance after suffering a dishonorable blow, and they're gonna wreak some havoc on their way to a bit of vigilante justice. The developers have worked hard to endear this cast of misfits to the player, all the while leaving the game as open and free as possible.

So if you're one of those who might be concerned that the single-player experience won't rival the multiplayer, we'd like to disabuse you of that notion. By providing a group of characters with individual and customizable skills, and giving you the option of tackling a bevy of objectives and missions whenever you wish, Bad Company is all about maintaining both a cohesive story and a freedom-oriented experience. And if these combat mavericks in the midst of a hellish war environment don't grab your attention, nothing will.

Obviously, we can also expect completely revamped graphics for the PS3 (the game will also be available on the 360), and it seems they're focusing on intricate detail enhancement. From helicopter blades and jeep tires kicking up clouds of dust to blowing out individual bricks in a building, Bad Company's visuals is all about recreating the intimidating war environment. Even the characters' faces will reflect the strain and anxiety, thereby adding more personality to their appearance.

Lastly, the interactive environment will not only look sweet, but will also affect the combat. For example, if the enemy is hunkered down behind a wall, you can actually use debris as a distraction and then move in to secure a better position. Because both enemy and ally units will respond to a variety of explosions and other events, the flow and pace of the game can change on a dime.

In a recent IGN interview with Digital Illusions' senior producer Karl Magnus Troedsson, he outlines exactly what makes Bad Company special-

"On a high level it will differ a lot when it comes to the atmosphere and style. We don't want to create another so called "epic game" with verbally challenged, one-man armies saving the world from super villains or hordes of evil aliens. We'd rather tell a humorous and modern war story about ordinary guys up to no good in the army, waging a war for their own personal ambitions instead of following the orders of their superiors. On a finer level I strongly believe that the game will differ due to the attention we put into all the fine details, our credo is that the sum of all the small parts makes up the whole, and important, perceived value."

Battlefield: Bad Company is scheduled for release some time in 2007.