Scheduled release date:
Number Of Players:
1 Player (8 Online)
Release Date:
May 19, 2009

If you've been a consistent reader of the site, then I've made it rather obvious that I absolutely love remakes. To me, there's no better way to treat nostalgia other than presenting me with an overhauled, updated next-generation remake of a classic title. A lot of past games were epic for their time, so it feels great to realize them in a way that we never thought possible. Capcom's sequel to Bionic Commando is one of various rebirth efforts within the industry, and I simply can't wait to get my hands on it.

The story of this all new Bionic Commando takes place 10 years after the first, and continues to star Nathan Spencer (who is voiced by Faith No More's Mike Patton, of all people). And yes, Capcom has officially changed Spencer's first-name to Nathan. In any case, Spencer was a top-operative of the Federal Bionic Armaments Development Division, a commando at the top of his class. The FBADD would soon betray Spencer and imprison him, despite his valiant efforts against enemy Imperials in the past.

Spencer is set for execution, but on the day of his demise, an experimental weapon sets off and Ascension City is quickly turned into shambles, leveling structures, and destroying the populace. A terrorist organization has invaded Ascension City, and with much of their military wiped out, there remains one man capable for the job. So Spencer's life is spared, and he is fitted with high-tech weaponry to make his duties of eradication easier.

In conjunction with the original, Spencer will feature his bionic arm, which allows him to swing around his environments, rappelling, and scaling structures. Because Ascension City has been reduced to such varying catastrophic conditions, you'll find yourself greeted with suspended roadways and monorails, deep canyons, towering buildings, and so on. Each stage will feature a number of routes that you can use to complete your mission and continue with your progress.

As well as being able to use your Bionic Arm for swinging and scaling, Spencer can also use it for hand-to-hand combat, as well as picking up gigantic objects such as cars and boulders and hurling them at enemies. While scaling, even hanging upside-down, Spencer will still be able to take-out enemies as if he were Spider-Man, so controlling him isn't very limited.

Capcom hasn't made any mention of the types of weapons we'll be utilizing in the game, but you'll find the standard affair of rapid-fire weaponry, in addition to explosives. Thankfully, Bionic Commando will also take place in the third person perspective, avoiding the pool of everyday FPS shooters out there.

Early screenshots indicate a stunning looking game that features superb lighting effects, and absurdly beautiful scenery with beautiful blades of grass, each one lavishly outfitted in bursts of green. Character detail is also looking fantastic, and the overall picture is composed of some of the nicest visual touches this generation has seen. Bionic Commando is truly shaping up to be one superb looking title.

With famed Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter developers, GRIN, at the helm of Bionic Commando, expect nothing less than greatness when the time comes for Capcom to roll this beast out. And because the folks behind GRAW are behind this, we're hoping to expect some form of online gameplay, as well – though Capcom has said nothing regarding that.

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