Scheduled release date:
Q1 2008
Number Of Players:
1 Player (16 Online)

The first Condemned wasn't a very bad title, after all, it did come from one of the most respected first-person shooter developers out there – Monolith Productions. Over the years, Monolith has brought us No One Lives Forever, and more recently, F.E.A.R. And after the success of the original Condemned, the folks at Sega and Monolith thought it's time for another go, and thus the sequel. Welcome Condemned 2: Bloodshot, a game that picks up following the events of the original.

Our hero Ethan Thomas is a fallen man, haunted by every one of the encounters he was met with in the first game. He is down and out, drowning himself in his wallowing state. He soon get a phone call from the Serial Crimes Unit, informing him that his partner has gone missing, and so begins Ethan's second journey into hell, as he reprises his role as an investigator. Will Ethan finally unravel the conspiracy behind the haunting darkness that surrounds his environment?

For starters, Monolith has overhauled the combat system, creating all new mechanics for grapples, holds, as well as other offensive and defensive maneuvers that shapes the overall hand-to-hand combat. When you're engaging in a battle, damage dealt to the body will be based on accurate body physics that have been implemented into the combat, which creates realistic consequences when incurring damage to Ethan's bones.

When you aren't using your bare hands, you'll have a variety of gadgets and weapons to toy around with. Use your forensic tools to ensure that you perform your investigation accordingly. The tools will allow for in-depth examinations of every crime scene that you come across. Additionally, all of your tools are upgradeable.

In terms of weaponry, there'll be over 30 to choose from, ranging from high-end assault weapons to blunt objects you can pick off the ground, such as bricks, tire irons, and even mop buckets. There'll be over 10 projectile weapons such as a sub-gun and the crossbow, and Sega touts an even larger focus on gunplay – twice as much, in fact.

Now when you're dealing with gunplay, you'll also be dealing with intelligent, err…artificial intelligence. The A.I. will attempt to outsmart and overpower you by working together in order to take you down, so running and gunning won't always be your go-to plan here.

That combat will also take place in completely new environment settings, including both outdoor and indoor areas, as well as varying time of day conditions. Sega is also noting that Condemned 2 will feature non-linear progression in its single-player mode.

Ultimately, what kept Condemned 2 from being fantastic was its lack of value. The game could be beaten with relative ease and in a short amount of time, too. But the sequel won't suffer from that. When you're not playing Condemned 2 alone, you'll be playing it online with over a dozen others. Online specifics have yet to be discussed, but Monolith is hard at work on crafting a superb online facet for the sequel.

Look for Condemned 2 to hit early on in 2008.

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