Scheduled release date:
Spring 2008

To add to the masses of first person shooters coming our way is Spark Unlimited's project, to be published by Gamecock, Legendary: The Box. And no, The Box isn't a clever euphemism to go hand in hand with the publisher's ambitious name (we know, we know; roosters, etc.). But ambiguity aside, The Box represents the world's most historical relic, Pandora's Box.

As Charles Deckard, you have been told to capture an artifact from a New York museum. You soon find out that artifact is Pandora's Box, and you'll quickly realize that you really shouldn't have messed with it. As soon as Deckard places his hands on the box, his hand is infused with a glow and symbol appears on it. Immediately after, the boxes disturbance causes chaos, and the world sounds like its coming to an end. Everything around you will begin to crumble, and you've now unleashed the demons and monsters that lay within Pandora's Box. From this moment on, gryphons, warewolves, minotaurs, and golems will be just one of many creatures you'll have to take down.

Worst of all, the destruction you've unleashed isn't limited to just New York City, oh no, it's being caused in the entire world. Concept art indicates that you'll also be visiting London as it burns down to the ground, and so perhaps progression will be global, and not limited to just the two cities. Charles finds out that he was conspired against, and that an organization called the Black Order set him up. Having learned this news, not only has Charles set out to kill the fabled creatures, but also vengeance against the organization.

Throughout your journey, you'll frequently find yourself with as many as 20 other soldiers aiding you in your progress. You'll be able to choose from over a dozen weapons, in addition to a good variety of grenades. On top of man-made machinery, Deckard realizes that the symbol engraved onto one of his hands has given him unusual powers – and so you'll also have that angle to work with.

Artificial intelligence will vary between each type of monster. Warewolves will be the quickest of the bunch, and perhaps the hardest to target. An example of their intellect is their ability to pick up objects from the ground and hurl them at you. Furthermore, they're also bright enough to not let you hide for too long, as they'll come looking for you. Moreover, enemy A.I. will interact with each other, as you'll see Black Order troops getting mauled by the creatures you've let loose, and vice versa.

Spark is touting that the single-player facet will be about 10 hours in length. But not to worry, because they're also working on some unconventional multiplayer content. We've yet to know exactly what that multiplayer content will consist of, but Spark does promise some pretty exciting features that aren't very common among other FPS games. Lastly, they've informed us that downloadable add-ons, in the form of episodic content, will be made available after the game's release.

Visually, Legendary: The Box is looking fairly sharp, but has some room for improvement here and there. Still, look for it to hit in the Spring of 2008.

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