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Q3 2008
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The Fallout series has become synonymous to many gamers as being one of the highest quality franchises out there. Originally belonging to, the now defunct, Interplay, Fallout has been on a hiatus for nearly a decade now; Fallout 2 came out back in 1998. With the struggles of Interplay also came the disappointment that we may never see Fallout 3 (which was under development already), as the game was canceled. But now, four years later, Bethesda has announced that they're hard at work on the third entry into the series, and promising us to deliver something special.

Because Fallout 3 will use an updated version of the Oblivion engine, you can expect to see one of the most immesive and life-like worlds you'll ever see. This is Wasteland, destined to be presented at its finest with incredible visual detail. The focus of Fallout 3 will, of course, be living in a post-apacolyptic world. As the Global Atomic War leaves nothing but shambles of the world, Vault-Tec has built an enclosed city within the ruins of Washington D.C., the city is simply dubbed Vault 101. Here its denizens live safely and away from the monsters that inhabit the world around them – monsters such as giant insects, raiders, and various types of super mutants.

The story kicks off when your character finds out that his father has escaped out into the open world, and now it's up to him to find out why. So you set out in search of your father, and you set out prepared. For starters, as you progress through the game, your character will be able to gain new abilities by utilizing the game's points-based system called "SPECIAL". Bethesda claims that this system allows for unlimited customization of your character, including the learning of combat abilities and skills.

Just like Oblivion, Fallout 3 will also give you the option of choosing between good and evil, or an in-between, so you have the opportunity to approach situations from various angles, and directly affect your future. On top of that, comes what Bethesda calls Limitless Freedom. Do you see something off in the distance? Go on and walk to it, because whatever you see in the world you can visit. And in Fallout 3, you'll see a great deal of ruined monuments and structures, all of which you'll be able to gander at.

There's a combat trait in Fallout 3 which sounds exceptionally nice, as it allows for the pausing of time in order to target specific body-parts. Furthermore, pausing time will also allow you to build up a range of attacks to unleash on your opponents, all of which will unravel with cinematic presentation and details. When you're preparing to rain hell on your enemies, remember that they're backed with complex artificial intelligence, so they'll give you a fight and ensure survival of the fittest. Likewise, the people around you will also employ that same level of intellect when you interact with them.

Visually, as mentioned already, Fallout 3 will run on an updated version of the Gamebryo engine – the same engine that powered Oblivion. This means you can expect visual caliber better than that of Oblivion. And because it's performing on the same engine, you will still have the choice of playing the game in first and third person perspectives.

Look for Fallout 3 to hit sometime later in 2008 – end of Summer/start of Fall.

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13 years ago

Sounds awesome… just hope there's not alot of dowdling about to find quests or something.