Scheduled release date:
Early 2008
Number Of Players:
1 (16 Online)

For long now Lost Planet, much like many other console "exclusive" 3rd party games, has come in and out of the rumor mill that it'd be ported to another console. Having debuted on the Xbox 360 as an alleged exclusive, Lost Planet has now officially been announced for the PlayStation 3, and with new additions to the package.

For those who aren't aware, in a world full of first-person sci-fi shooters, Lost Planet is one of the few next-generation third-person shooters available. The game is composed of a single player campaign, and a robust multiplayer setup. The PlayStation 3 version will allow for 16 players to online, across 16 multiplayer stages, worldwide. Furthermore, there are a number of characters to choose from, all of which feature different abilities.

Online modes include Elimination (deathmatch), Team Elimination, Post Grab (base conquering), and Fugitive. The Fugitive mode is probably the most fun of the lot, as one gamer will be pitted against numerous others. As the "fugitive" that one gamer will have to stay alive, kill enemies, capture posts, and so forth.

Gameplay takes place not only on foot, but gamers also have the ability of using Vital Suits. The Vital Suits are high powered mech-like machines that feature various necessary abilities in order for you to make proper progress. You'll have the option of toggling between the suits and on-foot action as you see fit.

One of Lost Planet's notable traits is its enormous stages, coupled with often chaotic weather. Snowstorms and arctic winds will be two of the conditions you'll have to stay alive in, as weather will affect the tension of the game. On a technical scale, Lost Planet is a fairly impressive game with great special effects, large and detailed scenery, as well as some good looking character detail.

Furthermore, Lost Planet is one of the few games that will not feature any load-times, as it performs everything on the fly. In case you are wondering, the PlayStation 3 version of Lost Planet will feature everything from the Xbox 360 version, including all of the downloadable content. But what we're not certain of is whether or not Capcom will be adding anything extra to the 11-stage single-player experience. For now, we shall wait and see.

Developed by the creators behind Onimusha and Devil May Cry, you can expect a lot out of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition when it arrives in just a few months, at the beginning of 2008. It's multiplayer aspect alone should be nearly enough to warrant a purchase.

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