Scheduled release date:
Q1 2008
Namco Bandai
Project Soul
Number Of Players:
1-2 Players
Release Date:
July 29, 2008

The long running Soul Calibur franchise has formed a death
grip on the fighting genre as the sole weapon-based fighter out
there. A number of games have tried to pass themselves off as
proper weapon-fighters, but all have failed in comparison to
Namco's powerful series. Originally stemming from Soul Edge, Soul
Calibur's console debut on the Dreamcast has helped make it one
of the most important three-dimensional fighters out there. The
game made history more than once, as it also featured three
exclusive characters for Soul Calibur II, with Nintendo's Link
being the most notable. And now with a fourth iteration well
underway for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, what should you

Well, for starters, we're looking at the first Soul Calibur game
to feature online gameplay. Moreover, for some obscure reason,
Namco-Bandai have also altered the name of the game to
SoulCalibur IV (one word) – don't ask us why. In any case, you
can expect to see the recognizable cast of characters from
previous Soul Calibur games to appear in SCIV. Furthermore, a
create-a-character option will be featured. More importantly,
it's been confirmed that created-characters can be fought with
online, which sounds really nice to us.

So far, 13 characters have been spotted across various
screenshots and trailers that Namco-Bandai have released. But
expect that number to grow considerably, as there's still plenty
of past and new SC characters not announced on that list. SCIV
will also have a heavier focus on story, with the possibility of
the fourth game wrapping up the entire story, and setting up a
new one.


In terms of combat scale, Namco-Bandai have beefed up the size of
the arenas by making them larger. This was intentionally done to
limit wins exploiting the ring outs. To add to that, the arenas
will finally have destructible objects placed in them, too. And
Namco says that in addition to defeating enemies with a normal
defeat or ring out, there'll be a third way to defeat your

Surprisingly, not much else is known about SoulCalibur IV. You
can expect a lot of content to carryover from the past games into
SCIV, as well as more refined gameplay and mechanics. Visually,
the team has a goal of achieving 60 frames per second, and that
is their primary visual target. Best of all, SCIV will sport all
new animation per character, which means more fluid movement on
screen, for a more convincing picture. And on that note, the
developer isn't ruling out 1080p either – citing that they are
putting focus on it, but will only include it if the framerate
and gameplay doesn't suffer. From these screenshots, you can
already see the detail in SoulCalibur IV. This is most certainly
a next-generation looking game, as it features some fantastic
character detail and super sharp texture work on the

Look for SoulCalibur IV to hit sometime early on in 2008.

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12 years ago

Why hasn't Ben reviewed this game yet?

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