Scheduled release date:
Summer 2008
Radical Entertainment
Number Of Players:
1 Player

As a kid, I'm sure you've often drawn games in your head that you'd love to see come to life. I know I still do it 'til this day. So it's kind of funny when a concept similar to that of what you've thought up before sees light, and Prototype is that concept (no pun intended). Developed by Radical Entertainment, Prototype takes a slightly different approach towards the everyday action game.

You are Alex Mercer, and in Prototype your character's life and its back-story will unfold, as you help Mercer fight through webs of conspiracy and other story-driven plot lines. Alex Mercer has an unusual past, one that he cannot escape from. He is fighting an unknown war within New York City. As the game begins, you are placed at the most climactic point of the war, as it spirals out of control, spilling onto the streets of the Big Apple.

Mercer is a marked man and is wanted due to his origins. You see, Alex Mercer is a shapeshifter, an experiment of modern-science. As Mercer you'll walk the streets of NYC being able to take shape of anyone around you. Furthermore, when Mercer steals an identity, he also absorbs their skills and powers in order to aid him throughout the game. Clearly, shapeshifting will be the pivotal focus throughout the game, and in order to progress you will have to learn and make use of the various powers your absorb.

"Radical Entertainment set out to create the most dynamic video game character ever imagined. From free-form movement to over-the-top combat action; PROTOTYPE can climb or wall-run across any surface, jump 30 stories high, and destroy anything that crosses his path," said Kelly Zmak, president of Radical Entertainment. "Our team at Radical has built upon the technology that drove our previous best-selling games and now has the freedom to dream big and imagine a powerful character in a sprawling city like New York, cloaked in a conspiracy and ripped from today's headlines."

Jump 30 stories high? Sign me up. Visually, the screenshots of Prototype indicate it's still early in development, as the game exhibits early texture work, in addition to an incomplete draw-in distance. We hope to see both textures and draw-in distances fixed. And since Radical is aiming for a Summer 2008 release, there's still plenty of time left in the game's work cycle. At the moment, we can already see large environments of New York City, featuring a plethora of background work (such as buildings, billboards, cars), in addition to a busy street full of civilians.

Prototype is set for a Summer 2008 release, so the game is still about a year off. We'll deliver additional details on the game as soon as Sierra releases a more detail filled features list of what's in store for Prototype. In the meantime, keep your eyes open for screenshots and other media as we get it.

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12 years ago

are you sure that February release is correct Arnold?