Scheduled release date:
November 13th, 2007
Ubisoft Shanghai
Number Of Players:
1 Player
Release Date:
November 13, 2007

The Beowulf movie is sure coming along well, as trailers indicate a kick-ass action flick about a super-powered warrior. We all love our super-warriors, and we especially love them in videogames. So is it any surprise that a Beowulf videogame is in development? Of course not. By the looks of it, the Beowulf game is also shaping up quite well. It'll be developed by Ubisoft's Shanghai studio, the same great team behind the Ghost Recon Advanced Warrior series.

In the game, you'll take the role of the tortured soul that is Beowulf. You learn that he is facing a struggle with his powers, he wishes to be noble, yet his brutal instincts prevent him from achieving, and thus succumbing to the desire of power and glory. Seeing as how Beowulf's strength is comparable to that of 30 men, you can surely expect that heavy feel of gargantuan power as you play the game.

The game will have you play the role of both good and bad. On one hand, you'll deceive your way to claim the Danish throne, and quickly finding yourself enamored with the glory. Power and its lust will run over your body, yet you will also venture off into Denmark in order to destroy a beast that has been causing destruction there. Furthermore, as King of your people, you will have to wage war with rivaling kingdoms, and ensure that yours is the one that comes out victorious.

The entire experience will range through 30 years of Beowulf's life, which makes the game unlike any other movie-based title out there. The chapter of the game that takes place during the movie is only one little chunk of the entire game. Throughout your campaign, you'll be able to unlock an army of up to 12 thanes, all depending on if you choose the path of heroism, as opposed to evil.

Now, even though your strength is that of 30 men, you'll be able to boost it up by using Carnal Powers, which will allow for stronger attacks, as well the ability to pick up gigantic objects and use them as weapons (like a pillar, for example). You can also upgrade your Carnal Powers. While a hack-and-slash game, performing combos and parries will increase your skills as you progress in the game. And when you're not wrecking hell on your opponents, you'll get your army to do that job for you, as you'll have the option of assigning your troops various commands, as well as suiting them up with the required weapons. They'll also help open doors for you, and assist you in rowing Drakar, your absurdly huge ship.

The YETI engine that has powered Ubisoft's GRAW games will power Beowulf. The game is nearing completion, and it's looking pretty solid. Beowulf demonstrates enormous landscapes, with splendid details. There's plenty to like with the texture detail, and character detail looks good. We only wonder how fast paced the action will be, seeing as how Beowulf is a hack-and-slash game. The GRAW games aren't known to run at 60 frames per second, so don't expect anything other than 30 out of Beowulf, with a 720p resolution.

Beowulf is scheduled to launch on the PlayStation 3, PSP, Xbox 360, and PC on November 13th.

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