Scheduled release date:
TBA 2008
Eidos Interactive
Pivotal Games
Number Of Players:
1-2 (Online)
Release Date:
February 12, 2008

Remember a game called Crossfire? We've posted some screens of it in the past, and perhaps a news article or two. Well, Eidos has officially renamed the project to bear the Conflict brand, thus giving birth to Conflict: Denied Ops. Pivotal Games has been hard at work on their newest Conflict title, with Denied Ops marking the series' fifth entry. The game is set to see release across the three major platforms (PS3, Xbox 360, PC) sometime in 2008.

Co-operative gameplay will be an element of focus for the all new entry, as Eidos is touting innovative co-op features for Denied Ops. You'll be able to switch between the two characters seamlessly as you play the game, or you can have a partner control the second agent. Each operative agent will possess his own unique abilities, and will be able to properly assist you in various situations, such as covering fire, exploring split paths, distracting the opposition, or flat out slaughter the enemy with heavy fire. The assistance isn't limited to those attributes, it's just a taste of what to expect.

Puncture Technology is what will power Denied Ops, as it is the game engine designed by the folks at Pivotal. Environments will be completely destructible, simulating the chaos and destruction of what it is to be in an actual warzone. To what extent can you destroy the environment? You can create a whole in a wall by shooting a couple of bullets into it, and use the hole to pick-off somebody with your sniper. Or hell, if someone's hiding behind a wall, unload some bullets into it, and you'll likely lay your opponent out.

Your places of interest will range from South America, to Africa, and to Russia. As you make your way through each locale, you'll be able to put to use a command system that'll delegate actions to your partner. Furthermore, while being tact is the objective, you're still going to see a considerable amount of fireworks and eye-candy.

"This is our first chance to develop a Conflict game for next-gen platforms," said Alex McLean, Technical Director at Pivotal. "Working on the 360 and PS3 we've been able to take the series to new heights, with true next-gen lighting, advanced enemy AI, an explosive environment and unique tactical co-op gameplay. CONFLICT: DENIED OPS marks a new era for the Conflict series."

Right now, a lot of the game's look reminds me of EA's Army of Two. While the art isn't nearly as gritty, the buddy-system is highly reminiscent of what EA is offering. In any case, texture work is pretty splendid, and the character models look pretty damn sharp, if a bit plastic-like. Regardless, there's a very high count of attention to detail going on in the screens. Hopefully all of that translates well on the screen, and we have a sturdy framerate to make the experience that much better.

We don't have a concrete date for Conflict: Denied Ops just yet, so we're assuming the game is looking likely for release later in 2008.

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