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When I first heard about the unveiling of a game called "They", the first thing that ran through my head was 'hey, they're making a videogame based on the crappy movie'? Thankfully, they aren't, as neither the game nor movie will have any relation to one another That said, developer Metropolis is working on yet another fine first-person shooter for all next-gen gamers to enjoy. The game was officially revealed some weeks back at the Leipzig Games Convention, but without a publisher as of yet. Though, looking at the fact sheet and gandering at the screens, I'm sure Metropolis won't have a hard time landing a publisher for They.

Much like the current trend of FPS titles, They is a sci-fi title that takes place within the near future, featuring a 'mysterious' plot that you'll have to solve. It'll arrive on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and the PC. While They seems to be coming along well in development, it's still in the earlier stages of life, as its release date is pegged for a winter 2008 or early 2009 debut. Regardless, you can expect a proper game engine suited for the game, as Metropolis intends to compete with the big boys by offering an engine with all of perks and features necessary to create a thrilling shooter.

As is customary, you will be put up against cunning A.I., with impressive thinking techniques, so that a challenge is always present. Physics will come into play throughout the entire game, as one of the principle features of the game code will be a sophisticated physics engine. Moreover, what shooter is complete without destructible environments – They will feature just that.

What really captured my attention was the touting of a feature that claims that the game's weapon system will make you "love" your weapons. How exactly that'll pan out is beyond me, but I'm certainly eager to see some elaboration on this footnote.

Furthermore, Metropolis indicates that in order to drive the game's mysterious plot, the game's characters will have a good layer of depth to them that you'll identify with. So They is clearly aiming at creating an attachment between the gamer and the game – something we typically do not see out of FPS games.

Expect a proper single-player story mode, one which Metropolis calls "haunting", in addition to a bevy of multiplayer modes. Metropolis hasn't indicated how many modes and players will be in the final game, but expect it to be something nice and broad.

As far as graphics go, framerate will continue to be the driving point of a successful shooter. So far, from what Metropolis has showed off, They is seriously looking like a top-notch title, complete with a ton of detail no matter where you look. A silky smooth image indicates that we've got copious amounts of anti-aliasing being used, and the textures sure do look great.

As stated earlier, no set date for They exists, and all we have is an ambiguous 2008/2009 listing.

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