Scheduled release date:
November 5th, 2007
Infinity Ward
Number Of Players:
1-18 Players (Online)
Release Date:
November 5, 2007

None of us imagined that when it came time to see the fourth Call of Duty game that we'd be staring at something completely different. An enormous departure from what the series once was: a World War II game. Well, unlike EA, Activision has managed to move the franchise away from WWII and into the future, thus 'Modern Warfare.' From what we played at E3 and based on all of what we've seen, I can certainly confirm the monumental praise that's surrounded Call of Duty 4.

Infinity Ward has been working on COD4 for much longer than you'd think – nearly two and a half years now. Instead of World War II, the game now puts you into the shoes of both U.S. Marines and British S.A.S soldiers. Technology is at the forefront here, so you'll be toying around with nothing but the finest and newest that advancement has to offer in artillery. There'll be 70 authentic weapons and pieces of gear in total, such as assault rifles with laser sights, .50 caliber snipers, M-249 SAW machine guns, mines, night vision goggles, ghillie suits and much, much more.

You'll work in co-operation with air-forces, calling them for an air-strike whenever you need one. But involvement with air troops is more than just air-strikes; you can also slide down a rope off of a helicopter, cruise with a horde of others in an attack chopper and so on.

Multiplayer will continue to be a strong asset for the series, as COD4 hopes to build on the immense popularity of COD2's multiplayer success. You'll be allowed to create a class, which in turn allows you to customize gear (weapons and armor) that your specific class can utilize when in combat. Experience points will trigger unlockables and extras, so progression is important. And of course, you'll be able to match your skill with the skill of others, allowing you to be challenged every time you go online with COD4.

Visually, COD4 is an incredibly powerful looking game. It's a freaking fireworks light-show displayed on a TV screen. There's just so much going on on-screen that it almost feels overwhelming. But clearly, feeling overwhelmed is the point, as one of Call of Duty 4's goals is to heighten the tension during gameplay. Graphics are downright gorgeous altogether, and with self-shadowing, advanced lighting techniques, depth of field, and very high-quality texture work COD4 is certainly one of the few multiplatform games that's putting to use each respective hardware it'll be debuting on.

Call of Duty 4 is nearing the end of its development, and it will be available come this November 5th for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. I'd highly recommend keeping your eyes glued on this one, there's a good reason why many felt it was the best game of E3 2007.

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11 years ago

this game is flawless if u dont have it u should really give it a shot