Scheduled release date:
TBA 2008
Guerrilla Games
Number Of Players:
1-2 Players (32 Online)

There's no doubt about it that Killzone 2 is perhaps the most controversial game in development at the moment. Its controversy is unlike that of games like Grand Theft Auto or Manhunt. Instead, it all comes from two years back when Sony first revealed a trailer of Killzone 2 – footage that they claimed was real-time and running on the PS3. Since then, Killzone 2 was in hiding, under very tight wraps all the way up until its public viewing at E3 2007. The game set a fire up underneath everyone's ass, and with good reason – the game looks and plays better than any other FPS in development right now.

Killzone 2 will follow the original, as it takes place two years after the Helghast assault on Vekta. The ISA have no decided to take the war straight into Helghast's home of Helghan. Their goal is to capture the Helghast leader, Emperor Visari and end the Helghasts once and for all. You'll take control of Sev, an all new character in the Killzone franchise. He's a veteran of the special forces unit called Legion. As a team leader, you'll lead and command a squad against the Helghast

Because the planet on which the Helghast reside on is so foreign, Killzone 2 will be capturing that unknown feeling by featuring highly atmospheric environments, all of which that change, deform, and react accordingly to the violence proceeding. In addition to an unknown planet, climate will be another issue you'll have to deal with on Helghan. It'll not be there for show, but rather as an obstacle that you'll have to learn to overcome.

Weapons and vehicles will be present in Killzone 2, of course. While Sony has yet to reveal all of the details on that, they have confirmed the favorites from the original will be returning – such as the M82-G and the STA-52 LA. And you'll need all of the artillery you can get, with enemies that as smart as you are, featuring artificial intelligence capabilities that allows them to use their own environments cleverly.

Visually, expect nothing but the best from Killzone 2. As we've already seen from footage and images, it may very well be one of the best looking games in development for either next-gen console. Guerrilla has created their own game engine specifically for KZ2 that is also aided by the use of Sony's EDGE tools for enhanced performance. The entire visual aspect of Killzone 2 will be riddled with so much detail that you'll question how it's being done so effortlessly on the PS3.

You'll see an entire assortment of shadows casting everywhere a light source is, and that will help bring the environments to life. On top of that, animation detail will be something that no other game has done before. Then we've got all of the special effects, the real-time cut scenes, a superb framerate, an incredible resolution, and more. The list of visual goodies is just nuts; Sony is officially stating that Killzone 2 will do full screen anti-aliasing, motion blur, internal lens reflections, and depth-based color grading.

Oh and 7.1 surround ensures that you are treated to location-specific audio featuring wave tracing. What does that mean? It means that the audio and the way sounds bounces will be directly affected by the environment you're in – indoors or outdoors.

While the original Killzone didn't quite live up to the hype, Killzone 2 looks to erase all of that by delivering us a first-person experience unlike any other. Sony has yet to announce a proper release date for Killzone 2, but it should hit sometime next year.

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