If you're a hardcore fighting fan, you're well acquainted with the critically acclaimed BlazBlue franchise.

Aksys Games first revealed that BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend would come to North America at some point. At the time, it was only confirmed for the PlayStation Vita but now, the publisher has announced that the game will also release for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The good news is that all three versions will arrive on the same day (in Japan at least), and the Vita iteration will be a launch title for the new portable. This may happen in North America as well, but SCEA hasn't settled on a date for the Vita's release; maybe when we get that, we'll know when Continuum Shift Extend will show up. The new fighter adds Relius Clover as a new playable character plus the DLC characters from the previous game, and the developer has even rebalanced the entire roster.

Arc System Works knows what they're doing with this series. If you're a die-hard fighting fan, you'll want to indulge in all the additions and upgrades the newest installment will offer. Team online battles, new story scenarios, and even an Unlimited Mars mode for those who want a serious challenge. Good stuff.