The last two weeks has shown that the PS3 is quite capable of
performing well and that all it needs is a hit or two. The
software list for the PS3 is back to being dry once again, with
nothing notable in sight for the console in Japan. Because of
this, the PlayStation 3's sales have slumped back down to its
original state, as the console took in 22k sold. The Nintendo Wii
saw a boost in sales, as restock has arrived in Japan and
Nintendo's console sold 67k. The PSP is still riding on the
success of Monster Hunter, and it managed to take in another 44k
handhelds sold. The DS saw an increase in sales with nearly 122k
more dual screen wonders in the hands of gamers.

Nintendo DS – 121,630
Nintendo Wii – 67,070
Sony PSP – 43,769
Sony PlayStation 3 – 21,635
Sony PlayStation 2 – 13,321
Microsoft Xbox 360 – 2,910

March 5th-11th Nintendo DS 108,631
Sony PSP 56,175
Nintendo Wii 44,495
Sony PlayStation 3 32,115
Sony PlayStation 2 14,585
Microsoft Xbox 360 3,333

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