Well, maybe they'll stick with this one. Initially entitled Monster Kingdom than renamed Unknown Realms , the upcoming PS3 RPG by Game Republic has apparently undergone another name change. As of now, it's called Folks Soul: The Lost Folklore . And in all honesty, we think either of the first two titles are better, but at least we finally have the actual title. …we think.

This week's Famitsu spilled the beans on the new name, and also reported that the Japanese version is currently scheduled for June. After debuting at last year's Tokyo Game Show – in playable form, no less – the RPG has mysteriously fallen by the wayside for a few months. Maybe it was because the team couldn't decide on a name, or something. Well, either way, we do believe this last title is the final title, and hopefully, we can expect it to make U.S. landfall later on this year.

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