Some PS3 midnight launches were canceled in the UK, but the festivities at the Virgin Megastore in London went ahead as scheduled…and Sony richly rewarded those hardcore gamers who chose to wait in line for their PS3. The first 100 consumers in line received – get this – a brand new 46" high-definition television (probably Bravias), plus a free taxi ride home so they wouldn't have to drag their surprising prize down the sidewalk.

The televisions were supposedly estimated at a £2500 value, but that translates to almost $5000 US, which seems a bit high. You can get 60" HDTVs in this country for that price. But hey, let's not get away from the point, here- 100 gamers ended up with TVs, just for being anxious to pick up their PS3! Sony dubbed the giveaway a "reward for gamers' patience," which likely refers more to the four-month European PS3 delay rather than their patience that one night.

Lastly, Sony's Ray Maguire very much likes the idea of retailers having enough PS3s in stock, as just about anyone can wander in and pick one up.

"We have got plenty of stock in shops, so people know they don't have to rush out to secure a console." But if you did rush out, well … isn't that a nice screen?

Yes. Yes, it is a nice screen, Ray. Thanks!

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