Square-Enix is preparing for a major celebration come May; the Square-Enix Party 2007, to commemorate their 20th anniversary. At that time, perhaps we'll get treated to new trailers, information, and other announcements regarding games like Final Fantasy XIII and the still mysterious Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers . The latter, a sequel to the GameCube's Crystal Chronicles , has been lying low for quite some time, so perhaps we can expect some details on that one…finally.

We're already well aware of Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War , the Tactics remake for the PSP, but what about the fans clamoring for other Final Fantasy remakes? The company has gone on record many times, explaining that something like a Final Fantasy VII remake would take a ton of time and resources. That doesn't stop the clamoring, though, and besides, Square-Enix has said we should anticipate "big news" in 2007. After all, it's their 20th anniversary!

So come May 12 and 13, the party should deliver a ton of goodies, and hopefully, a few tidbits we didn't already know. Sure, Final Fantasy XIII is still a long ways off, but there are plenty of other FF projects we'd like to hear about.

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