Yeah, October 4 is home to RAGE and Dark Souls , and that's enough right there. But wait…

We aren't referring to a brand new game, but it's extra content that expands upon one of the best experiences of the year. Valve has dated the multiplayer DLC for Portal 2 and it'll be available next week on…you guessed it, October 4.

They're calling this DLC "Peer Review" and picks up where the main game's co-op leaves off. Plus, it adds single-player and co-op Challenge Mode, along with Leaderboards that let players compare Challenge Mode scores with the Portal community. Playing unsolved levels with a buddy is a huge draw; just make sure you play with someone who has patience. Otherwise, it just gets annoying.

Fans will also be able to pick up the game's tremendous soundtrack; check it out if you're interested. Although many say the best titles of the year have yet to arrive, we still say Portal 2 is a contender for Game of the Year.

P.S. This DLC is FREE. 🙂

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