The most important downloadable content has already arrived with the added gameplay modes for Resistance: Fall of Man , but that doesn't mean nothing else is arriving this week.

For the most part, we only get a bunch of new movie trailers ("Transformers," "Bee Movie," and "Shrek the Third"), but hey, Sega has us covered on the game front. They're releasing three separate mission packs for Sonic the Hedgehog , one each for Sonic, Shadow, and Silver. We're not sure how long these mission packs will take to download, or how long it will take to complete them, but extra game content is always appreciated.

Each mission pack will retail for $2.49, so for $7.50, you can add plenty of hours to your Sonic experience. The packs should appear on the Store tomorrow. Now granted, it's not a great game. Heck, it's not even a good game. But we all know those hardcore Sonic fans exist, and we all know you own and play the game. Therefore, we're positive these mission packs are just for you, and you'll have fun with 'em. More power to ya.

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