So Need for Speed: The Run will utilize virtual incarnations of Sports Illustrated swimsuit models Irina Shayk and Christine Teigen.

Yeah, the video is bound to catch some attention. Yes, pretty women go along nicely with pretty cars. And it's not like Atlus is hiring swimsuit models to help promote Dark Souls , so the game obviously needs a legitimate excuse to go the hot-girl incentive route. But the question is, does it even work? Will gamers be more inclined to pick up The Run because of the inclusion of those models? Or are the racing fans indifferent?

Obviously, sex sells. That's a timeless, universal rule. But in this industry, quality remains most important and unless the new Need for Speed is a quality product, it probably won't hit sales targets. Sure, it might squeeze a few more sales out of adolescent males because of Shayk and Teigen, but that probably won't help EA's bottom line. At least, not much. And yet, as the gaming industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, you can expect more involvement in the flesh trade, so we should probably get used to it.

We're just not sure it works the same way with games as it does with everything else…