Being a journalist in a war zone is no laughing matter. Those people risk their lives all the damn time.

So in order to capture that intensity, Defiant Development is attempting to create a new adventure from a different point of view: instead of toting a gun around in a first-person format, you're carrying a camera.

As revealed at ArsTechnica , the Brisbane-based studio is working with a journalist and filmmaker to create Warco , a "political game disguised as an FPS." Defiant's Morgan Jaffit explains that the idea actually came from Tony Maniaty, an Australian journalist who has worked in regions like East Timor and post-Soviet Eastern Europe. He thought up the game as a training simulator.

Then he started to work on the project with filmmaker Robert Connolly, who had directed a movie called "Balibo," which was a political thriller that dealt with the deaths of Australian journalists during the East Timor conflict in 1975. And now, the game is in the works. Said Jaffit:

"It offers a new perspective on a familiar theme, which enables us to use the tools and techniques of other FPSes to build a completely different kind of narrative and experience. From a design perspective, that's what excited me."

Here's some gameplay, which may look like it's from 1997, but clearly hasn't been optimized for any given platform and remains in the very early stages. Bear that in mind.