Just about every game has downloadable content these days. It's not exactly a surprise to learn that a developer is planning DLC for a currently unreleased game, either.

So when Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono told Joystiq that Street Fighter X Tekken will get both free and paid DLC, the world didn't grind to a halt. No big shock.

But two additional pieces of information are most certainly newsworthy: firstly, it seems Capcom is planning to make cross-compatible DLC. That's right; extra content that will function on both the PS3 and PlayStation Vita. Said Ono:

"With the PS3 and the Vita, yes, they're different hardware, but they're part of the same Playstation family, so to speak, so we're already talking with Sony about ways to sync things together. As long as you're using the same PSN account, things you've purchased on the Vita version will work on PS3 and vice versa."

Sweeeet. How many more games will do that in the future? Secondly, although Joystiq meant it as a joke, they asked Ono if we'd see a tiny arcade stick for the portable version of SFxT. Surprisingly, Ono said they're "actually talking to Mad Catz about doing something like that." He says if they could produce "a small joystick that you could just keep in your bag," you could actually replicate the arcade experience to some small degree.

As much as I'm not into fighters, it would be awfully amusing to see someone on a plane with a Vita and a tiny arcade stick.

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