Fighting fans have enjoyed quite a few stellar titles this generation, and yet another now has an estimated release date.

Namco Bandai vice president Carlson Choi first confirmed a few PlayStation Vita launch titles during the company's Tokyo Game Show presentation. Ridge Racer , Katamari Damacy , and Shinobido 2: Tales of the Ninja will help Sony's new portable later this year.

Finally, producer Hisaharu Tago arrived to chat about the highly anticipated Soul Calibur V . He revealed that Namco had outsourced various parts of the game; for example, CyberConnect2 ( .hack , Naruto Ultimate Ninja ) has been working with Namco on the fifth SC installment. But most important of all is the release window: Q1 2012. That's a global estimate, too, so even US and European gamers should expect to see SCV before the end of March 2012.

If there's one fighting series I've always loved, it's Soul Calibur . For some reason, it always felt accessible and exciting, and I'm expecting nothing but a fantastic battling experience when SCV arrives.

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