While the Vita and Square Enix kicked things off with a bang during Sony's press conference, Team Ninja also made their presence known early.

During their pre-Tokyo Game Show event, developer Team Ninja made several announcements , which will likely satisfy both fighting and action aficionados.

First is the confirmation of Dead or Alive 5 , which will arrive for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next year. The PS3 has yet to see a DoA installment and DoA4 shipped as a 360 launch title nearly six years ago, so it's nice to see this bouncy fighter return. …if you don't know why we use the adjective "bouncy," you're obviously not familiar with the franchise.

Secondly, we got more details for the upcoming Ninja Gaiden III . Team Ninja debuted a video explaining the "three strokes" concept, which we first heard about at E3 earlier this year. The first stroke represents the katana while the second stroke represents consequence; the third…well, we don't know yet. As for gameplay, they detailed a system that would allow both hardcore followers of the series and newbies to enjoy the experience.

This happens via two separate and unique play styles: Ninja, which focuses on the action, and Hero, which puts more of an emphasis on story and gives the uninitiated benefits like auto-guard and auto-evade. Both styles will let you take part in some bloody dismemberment because Team Ninja wants us to know what it feels like "to cut someone down." Well, thanks. We always wanted to know. Lastly, they briefly touched on the multiplayer mode, where 8 players will go at it to become top ninja.

We really can't wait for Ninja Gaiden III and hey, I always liked Dead or Alive . Not being all that great at fighting games, I could actually play DoA.

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