Team Ninja is known for Ninja Gaiden . That's pretty much it. So what's this about a new title…?

As Gematsu noted, Team Ninja has posted up an intriguing Twitter message:

"In fact… next week, we’ll also be announcing a new title."

They're referring to this year's Tokyo Game Show, which takes place this month. For a while now, there have been rumors about this developer's involvement in a PlayStation Vita project; maybe this is the mystery portable game that will be presented. After all, they're still working on Ninja Gaiden III for consoles; how much more can they put on their plate?

By the way, I've always loved Ninja Gaiden but I have this terrible feeling I won't want to play NGIII…I'm just too old to play anything I consider a chore. A while back, I took great pride in finishing games like Devil May Cry 3 (the original version where Normal was actually Hard) and Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox. These days, fun factor and relaxing entertainment top the priority list. Oh well, we'll see.