According to DailyTech and internal Best Buy documents displayed at Joystiq , the days of the 20GB PS3 may be numbered. Since the system's launch last November, Sony has offered the PS3 in two models- the 60GB and 20GB versions. However, due to a lack of demand for the latter, retailers will likely start ignoring it and simply focus on the premium model.

As you can see by the document, it lists the 20GB PS3 as "discontinued." This wouldn't surprise anyone, especially since Sony revealed they're losing a lot more money on the lower-end model – $307 vs. $241 – in comparison to the 60GB model, and most consumers aren't bothering with the bare-bones version. Last week, SCEA's communication director Dave Karraker said they wouldn't be scrapping the 20GB PS3, despite 80% of PS3s ordered by retailers being of the 60GB variety.

And while Sony insists they'll continue to make the lower-end PS3 available to any retailers who wish to order it, the number of retailers who carry it will likely begin to fall. And when that happens, perhaps Sony will go another route… Take a look at Microsoft with the mostly useless Xbox 360 Core system, and the recent rumors that the 360 Premium Pro will soon replace it. Things change, and sometimes, for the better.

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