Well, why not. Just about every other major franchise is getting a high-definition collection this generation.

The rumors about a Devil May Cry HD Collection have been around ever since a Spanish retailer accidentally posted an ad for the package.

Now, G4 turns our attention to the ESRB , where we find the first three DMC titles reclassified; the platforms have been changed from just "PlayStation 2" to "PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360." That's just about all the evidence we need; we only require an official announcement from Capcom. And don't be surprised to see that it's coming to Microsoft's console, despite the fact that all three titles in question were exclusive to the PS2. Capcom is just another publisher that absolutely needs to go multiplatform in order to remain relevant these days.

Anyway, will you be interested in such a collection? Dante is always a bad-ass and the games are awesome…well, with the possible exception of DMC2. That was iffy.